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Adult Services and Aging(605-845-2922)
Mach Steven(605-879-2517)
Maier Gaylord(605-879-2378)
Maier Les(605-879-2512)
Meador Philip(605-879-2395)
Novak Chuck(605-879-2304)
Novak Shirley(605-879-2304)
Schools Witten Elementary(605-879-2336)
Sell Jim(605-879-2524)
Smith Alan J(605-879-2537)
Tarrell Dale(605-879-2462)
Tuttle Betty(605-879-2301)
Tuttle Kenneth(605-879-2301)
United States Government(605-879-2466)
United States Government Witt(605-879-2466)
Vankekerix Ken(605-879-2556)
Vankekerix Sandra(605-879-2556)
Village Grocery(605-879-2444)
Vogt Craig(605-879-2347)
Weathermon Debbie(605-879-2232)
Weathermon Mark(605-879-2372)
Weathermon Mike(605-879-2232)
Witten Town of(605-879-2216)
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