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A & A Refrigeration(605-356-2332)
Greening Treva(605-428-3410)
Hilmoe Myrtle(605-428-6179)
Iverson Duane(605-428-3611)
Kirkeby Sigfred(605-428-6251)
Lebrun Fern(605-428-5405)
Mason V A(605-428-4076)
Mines Genevieve(605-428-5005)
Munk Melvin J(605-428-3339)
Penning Dorothy(605-428-6260)
Peterson Margaret E(605-428-5687)
Schmidt Ann(605-428-5232)
Schwemle Evelyn(605-428-3985)
Sondergaard Lloyd(605-428-3991)
Terrace Manor(605-428-5477)
Terrance Manor Shop(605-428-4650)
Tonseth Hazel(605-428-4227)
Zeig Joe(605-428-3208)
Mailey Lori(605-428-4792)
Crosser A E(605-428-4975)
Johnson Bruce(605-428-5865)
Johnson Nancy(605-428-5865)
Schmidt Bill(605-428-3348)
Wrage Mike(605-428-5066)
Klein Virgil(605-428-5734)
Jastram David(605-428-4184)
Jastram Jan(605-428-4184)
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